Welcome to the world of L’ÉLU, The Chosen One, a Grand Cru champagne of extreme fineness and rareness. Get ready for a unique adventure.

The concept behind this luxury product is to leave a timeless mark in people’s minds. In order to sublimate the content, the containing had to be as extraordinary.
What you are about to experience tasting a bottle of L’ÉLU champagne will last as long as you desire. Wear the jewelry piece when invited to high end venues or in you every day life and set your own rules…

you are the chosen one !

The Champagne

This cuvée is aged for 48 months and its nectar comes from the best vineyards of champagne region in Verzenay.
L’ÉLU is composed of 63% of Pinot Noir and 37% of Chardonnay.
The wine is clear and sparkling, its delicate mousse creates a continuous stream of bubbles. The potent, elegant nose reveals an exceptional champagne.
A distinct immediate mouthfeel of freshness reminds the minerality of great Chardonnays. You will enjoy the youthful aromatic vibrancy of this exceptional Grand Cru champagne.

The Box

The box is handmade in the historical neighborhood of La Bastille in Paris. It is made out of solid wood and the design reminds us of a gold bullion. Red velvet embroidered with golden thread lines the inside. An innovative way to open the box has been created: to discover the bottle nestling in it’s case like a jewel slide the front sideways.

The Crown

Maison Maluro was chosen to create this piece. Its best employees were selected for the building of the crown. Maison Maluro has worked for the past 25 years for prestigious brands such as Chanel, Hermès, Saint Laurent Paris, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.

The jewelry piece of L’ÉLU was imagined and is hand made in Paris. This unique crown is 24 carats gold plated and hand decorated with 90 crystals to obtain the most perfect result. This beautiful necklace will arouse fascination and admiration each time you will appear with it.


The Muselet

The gold plated muselet made in the Champagne region is stamped with L’ÉLU’s logo. A special mold was created for a unique result that will please the most assiduous collectors.

Gold & Diamonds

If you wish to acquire a high jewelry piece made just for you, it’s possible !

We offer you the opportunity to personalize the crown of L’ÉLU in pure 24 carat gold with 86 diamonds, 2 rubis and 2 saphirs. Your name or message can be engraved on the base of the crown.

A 2006 Millésime cuvée composed of 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnay is dedicated specially for this.
The box is covered with 24 carat gold leaves and 6 crystal flûtes will be offered.

This package is delivered in person all over the world with a film following all the steps of the making off.

The Chosen Ones

Coming soon…
These are the chosen people and clubs that are selected to represent L’ÉLU.


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